International Upcycling Symposium 2020: Research and Practice

De Montfort University (online), UK 2020

“Recontextualizaing  and Appropriating Western Secondhand  Fashion Items in Nonwestern Contexts”
Collaborative paper presentation with Dr Anika Kozlowski

Critical Fashion Studies Conference

Melbourne, Australia 2020

“Paper Clothing in Japan: An Interim Report” Research report

Everything and Everybody as Material: Beyond Fashion Design Methods Conference

Boras, Sweden 2017

“Interspecies Collaborative Design” Film + Paper Presentation

19th Annual IFFTI Conference

Amsterdam, Holland 2017

“Hack the Black Box: Consumer Agency in the Sharing Economy” Paper Presentation and Award

17th Annual IFFTI Conference

Florence, Italy 2015

“From Wajiro Kon to FRUiTS Magazine: Tokyo Street Fashion Culture’s Imprint on Collective Memory” Paper Presentation and Award