Making and Growing with non-human people

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Interspecies Collaborative Design (2017)

The intention of the film was to frame something mundane and familiar such as paper as something exotic. By reframing an existing material using contemporary thinking, it shows how an interspecies relationship can produce material and form, and has been for a long time. 

Filmed in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

This film showed paper and clothing fabric makers talking about the versatility and character of a plant (Paper Mulberry — Broussonetia papyrifera), with which they have a relationship. In order to tell the story of interspecies collaboration, the story crossed into the fictive. Some scenes were real, and some were produced using actors (lol no it was just me).

Interspecies Collaborative Design (2017) Made with Cameron Allan Mckean, for screening at the Everything and Everybody as Material: Beyond Fashion Design Methods Conference in Borås, Sweden.

People (2017) & Sun (2017)

Filmed in Yoro, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

These films were produced as a result of an artist-in-residence program in Yoro (which is known for Site of Reversible Destiny, designed by Arakawa and Gins). They were made in collaboration with Cameron Allan Mckean.

For this project we were invited to make films about the waterfall in the town. We walked, drove, wandered, explored Yoro. Listened, and found ourselves tracing the crisscrossing waterways across the town away from the frothy pool at the end of the falls. We thought we could find the source by riding a small boat all the way back up. But it was actually very difficult to find a small boat. 

So we decided to trace the source using interview and metaphor instead. 

A monk, a neighbour, a city official...

A group of friends.

Then we made a more exploratory or poetic film about prehistoric water and lines of energy drawn up from underground. 

They were two different films, but they felt like sisters. 

Exhibition and screening in Yoro, 2017

We made two films.

First, we interviewed people about their memories of water, rivers, waterfalls, tea and flood. The pressure in the tectonic plates is pushing the water up through the bedrock, into the town.

We also learned about the communal springs blurbling up around town. The springs are used by the community for washing dishes and diapers, but the latter is done downstream, of course. 

People (2017)

Sun (2017)

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